The Yukon Lottery Commission is mandated to provide for community-based programming and funding assistance for arts, sport and recreation in Yukon. This funding assistance is provided by Lotteries Yukon through three programs: Projects Fund, Travel Assistance Program and the Community Lottery Program.

The Commission allocates profits from the sale of lottery tickets towards arts, sport, and recreation across Yukon through funding programs, revenue sharing with the Yukon government, and external partnerships. The financial support provided is intended to:

  • reduce barriers to participation in arts, sport and recreation across Yukon;
  • sustain and/or increase participation in arts, sport and recreation activities in Yukon;
  • enhance funding outcomes for arts, sport, and recreation through partnerships; and
  • help individuals develop their skills/abilities in arts, sport and/or recreation.

Instructions for opening forms

You will need to download the form and open it in Adobe Reader . If you open the form in a web browser, some features may not function properly.

Travel Assistance Program

The Travel Assistance Program provides assistance to non-profit groups and extra-curricular high school groups attending competitions or adjudicated events in art, sport and recreation within Yukon or outside Yukon.

The Travel Assistance Program assists Yukon people with travel expenses up to $200 to compete and/or participate in adjudicated events within and outside of Yukon. Also, up to an additional $200 may be eligible for participants from Yukon rural communities traveling outside of Yukon for eligible events. The intake is ongoing until the program is fully subscribed for the fiscal year.

Download the Travel Assistance Submission form

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